Outside the ice is melting off the roof and everything is sodden

Because of the rain/snow/ice/rain of the last 4-5 days, therefore I had not left the house since the previous weekend any further than to do the daily outside chores very carefully. Due to the good news we received last night we decided to go out for pizza to celebrate.
Just as most women do I got ready to go and went to gather up my purse and leave. That is when the question formed “Where’s my purse?” It was not in its designated place in the living room, I’m generally very strict about where my purse belongs and it goes there immediately upon entering the house with it. I checked where I do bills, nope I hadn’t moved it to there. I asked both men if they have knew where it was, thinking maybe they’d got postage or something else out of it with my permission and just hadn’t put it back. No, so an all out hunt began. We checked everywhere I might have possibly left it in the house. The guys checked to see if I’d left it in either truck. Nope. So I started retracing my steps as to when I remember having it last. First I had to remember when that was. Surely it wasn’t since Sunday. But then I thought about the weather this week and realized it was.
So where did we go on Sunday that I might of left it somewhere? Let’s see we took the girls (our two farm dogs) for a very rare treat of a ride and a kiddie burger at Burger King. But I didn’t get out of the truck then and I know I had it because I came up with the two dollars in change to buy the dogs burgers out of it. Then we went to the feed store. I used it at the feed store, but I remember handing it to dh so I could have my hands free to climb up into the big old dually. He verified I did this. We had been nowhere else. So where was it?
Next I started thinking about when we got home. I remembered taking it out of the floor board and…what did I do next? Misty Georgia was tangled up in her leash and safety harness (we seatbelt our girls in when they ride with us for their safety and ours) and I had to set the purse down to free her before she got even more tangled. But where did I set it? My mind was whirling by this time. Dh had decided I must have taken it back to the house when we got home and he was going to find it because he was HUNGRY and wanted that pizza. I stopped him at the icy steps and said “I think I’m gonna need a new purse.”
My brain had finally engaged and I had turned around to look on the tree stump behind me. There frozen to the tree stump full of snow and ice, frozen solid was my cloth purse. DUHHHHHH! Needless to say I had a bit of cleaning up and drying out to do. The purse, a cheap but previously still usable one is now thawed and slowly drying to see if it can be salvaged. My bathroom counter is covered with important receipts, things like social security cards etc that I’m trying to dry out without them ruining.