Since it’s confession time, I’ll share my story

About a week ago or a little more, I could not find my kindle anywhere. I remembered using it while sitting in the recliner …. I was checking email. Dh said he remembered me using it there too and then putting it on the side table when done. I looked in the cushions of both recliners, the sofa, closets, cabinets … all over the house. I finally figured I had left it in a buggy at a store, primarily Wal-Mart of Hobby Lobby. I didn’t dare tell dh that right away …. I mean, we just got our kindles at Christmas. However, I was almost to the point of talking to the manager at each store to see anyone had turned it in … Yeah, right, like that is gonna happen.

Well a day or so later, I had not yet called either store but sat down at my laptop at my desk in my studio/craft room. I had a stack of papers next to it an started rifling through them to remind me what they were. Lo and behold! There was my kindle! Good thing it wasn’t a snake or I would have been bitten several times while my kindle was “lost”.

I do have a spot that I normally put my purse in when I come in the door. However my purse is not big enough to properly hold my kindle so I need another “home” for it. Will have to figure that out when I have more brain cells that are awake. LOL