Dh and his brother discussed calling protective services last night

I believe it will be happening soon. The broker has been on high alert where this sil is concerned for a very long time. The account is flagged both electronically and manually and any withdrawals have to go through him personally. He informed sil yesterday any action on her part to try and withdraw from this account will result in him calling the police himself.
You see Oklahoma has a law on the books for decades that if any money handling institution has reason to believe that an elderly person is being scammed or otherwise forced into making large withdrawals they are required to notify the police immediately. The broker says knowing what he knows and after having spoken directly with sil himself he would not hesitate to call the law personally.
Also, because of the way DMIL set up the account in 1999 neither of us can do anything to change the format of the account without the express written and verbal permission from both parties. Dh will never give that permission.
Then you have the Federal laws which forbid the use of a POA to change any financial account to benefit yourself, which includes the use of one for including but not exclusive to investment accounts, estates, wills, and insurance accounts.
So if she tries anything along that line she could go directly to jail. And she’s been warned of that, more than once.