Well, more power to you

and may all the ducks to be lined up, line up for you very cooperatively. I have found that when folks start voluntarily digging their own graves, and your SIL has been working on her financial grave for awhile, it usually doesn’t take a lot of extra “oomph” to get them into it. This has gone on now for so long and gone so far, I think your SIL has done most of the work for you. You’ve already compiled 90%-100% of all the evidence you’ll ever need. Time to deploy it to those agencies who can make things happen. I know you already know that, and I know that it’s going to take more additional effort, but I think all the careful groundwork you’ve laid over the last few years, is going to serve you very well now. Hang in there. Hope this comes to a swift and satisfactory resolution. No one’s mom should ever be reading from a prepared script, and/or worry about living broke and alone.