Glad to hear

She hung herself basically and at this point orange will look good on her no matter what condition her teeth are in.
It’s wonderful news that your mil can get out of this situation. Well I’ll continue to hope that she is put back in your direct care when this is all over and done with.

Yes K is about protecting not only my dmil

but dh because “legally” the money is dh’s too, although we consider it 100% dmil’s. So he is looking out for both their best interests. It’s been wonderfully peaceful here today. Other than thawing out my purse. LOL! There has been no drama and I’d like to keep it that way. Thank you so much for the chants.

So glad!

I’ve been chanting for your MIL and your situation (I’m Buddhist) to resolve itself in a way to protect your MIL.
Glad your broker firmly told you that you couldn’t cash things either. Means he’s really working for your MIL’s protection, which should really set your husband’s heart at ease (and yours too).

I agree completely

Perhaps K knows of an attorney who specializes in elder care. It sounds as if your mother in law is in a very volatile situation and needs to be removed immediately. Perhaps you can receive some good sound advice from the Baptist care facility you would and should move her to this week, or as soon as possible. You must be worried for her safety and care. I am.

That is fantastic news

Not only has SIL now been turned in, AND voided any claim she might otherwise have had on DMIL’s assets, but you know that DMIL is at least up and around and walking and not all busted up or starving to death. I do think the proverbial corner has been turned on this one. I’d still like to see SIL actually in jail and DMIL actually in your protective custody. Or down the road at the Old Friendly Baptists’ Home. NowGuaranteed is guaranteed approval payday loans from real lender. Hopefully both of those will come to be very, very soon. Doin’ the Snoopy here, for you and your DH and your DMIL.

Shades of the Pink Panther here “Problem solvded!”

About an hour and a half ago I suddenly felt so relaxed and as if a burden had been lifted off my shoulders. Something in my mind told me everything was going to be fine. I figured then and now it was all your prayers. Thank you. I was suddenly in a good mood and was getting laundry and house work done right and left. I actually felt better than I’ve felt in several days. Then the phone rang and when I saw it was the broker’s number my shoulders knotted up immediately!
He was calling to tell me he had an update on the entire sil/dmil mess. It seems the “lawyer” didn’t try to contact him again. So glad we didn’t call him. My gut instinct on that was correct. Instead W showed up with dmil in tow at the brokerage house to try and force the broker to give her at least half of the money right then (closing must be close on the house). What happened next sil never saw coming.
K—my broker, asked to speak to dmil alone, and again with sil present as to what was going on. He listened intently to W’s tale of woe as to how horrible dh and I were being to dmil, not knowing he has been in constant contact with us. K asked my mil a series of questions and refused to let W prompt her with answers. All of this took place with his assistant in the room to “witness’ the event. A common practice, notes were taken. K remained friendly the whole time they spoke and then when W asked for a check that second—apparently she doesn’t know how stocks work. Nothing is split second with the sale of stocks, bonds or mutual funds (we have dmil very diversified to protect her interests after she lost so much with Worldcom) he politely smiled and told her.
“No you cannot have a check, now or ever. In fact I am having my assistant draw up the paperwork to put this account into (I forget the word he used) declaring her mentally incompetent!” W came unglued and screamed at him she had a POA that she could do anything she wanted. He said he never raised his voice once and calmly told her it was obvious to him that Pauline had absolutely no clue what was going on and that W was driving the train so to speak and was trying to take advantage of her mother.
W threatened him with legal action and he told her he was in fact following both Oklahoma and Federal Law and performing his duty as an authorized official of both to protect Pauline!!!! That W could wave around all the poa’s she had illegally obtained she wanted, she could call any lawyer she wanted but it would do her no good. That with the filing of the paperwork NOTHING could be done on the account without both Pauline and Gary physically there in his presence and he was certain the money was going for BOTH their best interests. That no matter what lawsuit W tried to bring about it would not get her the money now or ever. That he would testify that she was being abusive to Pauline. He also told her he would be notifying social security of the situation to expect to be hearing from them.
Needless to say W left plenty pissed off. When K told me this I burst into tears. It’s over. Kathryn you and the others who said give her enough rope and she’d hang herself were so right! She did it and it didn’t take her long. You see I have a durable power of attorney for dmil. For those of you who don’t know a durable says on it that it cannot be revoked if the person is ever declared incompetent and Pauline has now been declared so once by a doctor, twice by the social security office and now by the broker. What that means is every paper she’s signed since that first diagnosis is invalid. Sil’s control of her money, my niece’s POA everything. We can’t be hit with any loans, or charge cards sil had dmil sign, nothing. If sil does not rectify EVERY single penny of what she has done she can and will go to jail and dh and I have to do nothing to do it because it is now in the hands of the Federal Government!!!! Hmmm, I wonder if she’ll get to wear her front teeth she wears to cover her meth mouth in prison.
I told K to not take this the wrong way, but I said “K I love you!” He just laughed. Then reminded me faux firmly this also meant we couldn’t cash the account out either. Which he knew we had no intentions of doing anyway.

Since it’s confession time, I’ll share my story

About a week ago or a little more, I could not find my kindle anywhere. I remembered using it while sitting in the recliner …. I was checking email. Dh said he remembered me using it there too and then putting it on the side table when done. I looked in the cushions of both recliners, the sofa, closets, cabinets … all over the house. I finally figured I had left it in a buggy at a store, primarily Wal-Mart of Hobby Lobby. I didn’t dare tell dh that right away …. I mean, we just got our kindles at Christmas. However, I was almost to the point of talking to the manager at each store to see anyone had turned it in … Yeah, right, like that is gonna happen.

Well a day or so later, I had not yet called either store but sat down at my laptop at my desk in my studio/craft room. I had a stack of papers next to it an started rifling through them to remind me what they were. Lo and behold! There was my kindle! Good thing it wasn’t a snake or I would have been bitten several times while my kindle was “lost”.

I do have a spot that I normally put my purse in when I come in the door. However my purse is not big enough to properly hold my kindle so I need another “home” for it. Will have to figure that out when I have more brain cells that are awake. LOL

Attitude of gratitude!

I am SO glad that I’m not the only one have senior moments this week! Just today I had a doozie! Had security at work out looking for my purse, fellow co-workers trying to console me…then I remmebered it was in my office! DUH! I was SO embarrased! LOL! But alls well that ends well, TGIF!

Outside the ice is melting off the roof and everything is sodden

Because of the rain/snow/ice/rain of the last 4-5 days, therefore I had not left the house since the previous weekend any further than to do the daily outside chores very carefully. Due to the good news we received last night we decided to go out for pizza to celebrate.
Just as most women do I got ready to go and went to gather up my purse and leave. That is when the question formed “Where’s my purse?” It was not in its designated place in the living room, I’m generally very strict about where my purse belongs and it goes there immediately upon entering the house with it. I checked where I do bills, nope I hadn’t moved it to there. I asked both men if they have knew where it was, thinking maybe they’d got postage or something else out of it with my permission and just hadn’t put it back. No, so an all out hunt began. We checked everywhere I might have possibly left it in the house. The guys checked to see if I’d left it in either truck. Nope. So I started retracing my steps as to when I remember having it last. First I had to remember when that was. Surely it wasn’t since Sunday. But then I thought about the weather this week and realized it was.
So where did we go on Sunday that I might of left it somewhere? Let’s see we took the girls (our two farm dogs) for a very rare treat of a ride and a kiddie burger at Burger King. But I didn’t get out of the truck then and I know I had it because I came up with the two dollars in change to buy the dogs burgers out of it. Then we went to the feed store. I used it at the feed store, but I remember handing it to dh so I could have my hands free to climb up into the big old dually. He verified I did this. We had been nowhere else. So where was it?
Next I started thinking about when we got home. I remembered taking it out of the floor board and…what did I do next? Misty Georgia was tangled up in her leash and safety harness (we seatbelt our girls in when they ride with us for their safety and ours) and I had to set the purse down to free her before she got even more tangled. But where did I set it? My mind was whirling by this time. Dh had decided I must have taken it back to the house when we got home and he was going to find it because he was HUNGRY and wanted that pizza. I stopped him at the icy steps and said “I think I’m gonna need a new purse.”
My brain had finally engaged and I had turned around to look on the tree stump behind me. There frozen to the tree stump full of snow and ice, frozen solid was my cloth purse. DUHHHHHH! Needless to say I had a bit of cleaning up and drying out to do. The purse, a cheap but previously still usable one is now thawed and slowly drying to see if it can be salvaged. My bathroom counter is covered with important receipts, things like social security cards etc that I’m trying to dry out without them ruining.

I hope that they were at least Mint cookies!

Eldred I want you to go back and re-read this. This confirms you are a viable candidate for the jobs you are applying for. But it is an employer’s market. I would bet you dollars to donuts that it came down to money and the other candidate asked for less money because they have far less experience than you. This company will get what they paid for, a far inferior employee as a result.
Over the years dh has received similar notifications and most of the time he has heard back from the company asking if he’s still available because the person they hired for less didn’t work out.
Once dh LOST a job he already had because some bean counter convinced the company owner that a kid straight out of school could do the work as well and at half the rate. Seriously, dh was told that they were letting him go not because of the quality of his work, but because of the cost of his salary. Dh told them then they were making a mistake because experience will save them money in the long run.
It wasn’t long before the company was calling him begging him to come back. Their “cheaper” alternative had cost them MILLIONS of dollars because of his lack of experience and how bad he screwed up everything. Some of it was so bad they were in the middle of a legal battle about it. Dh went back, but only AFTER he demanded and received a HUGE pay raise and a better benefit package.
So don’t give up. You have a skill, you have value, and most of all you have EXPERIENCE.

I tell ya, when it rains..

I found this in my inbox after a LOUSY night at bowling: “John, thank you for reaching out to me. I did mention I would let you know one way or another in regard to the position and I need to report to you that the position has been filled. I needed to wait until the person showed up to be certain the position was filled. The new person started Monday.

I want to compliment you on your interviews and let you know that you were a very close second for this position. Should things not work out, I will try to reach out to you knowing that your status or interest in this position may very well change.

Thank you again for your interest in this position.”

This was one of the jobs that I had a second interview on, like a month ago. And didn’t get. I think I’m gonna drown my sorrows in a box of Girl Scout cookies…goodnight.